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TopCrew DownUnder and Vital Hospitality for the last 4 years have run Super Yacht Stewardess training courses that are held throughout the year to teach candidates some of the essential skills required to work as a steward/ess on a super yacht.

Many people have hospitality experience, but have no understanding of silver service, how to fold napkins or whether to serve from the left or the right. This course is a great opportunity to get exposure to a number of different aspects of 5 star service in a concise and interactive way.

Overview of Topics covered:
• Silver Service
• Setting up tables/clearing tables
• Napkin folds
• Food and beverage service i.e. carrying three plates and trays of drinks
• Cocktail parties
• Grooming Standards
• Interaction with Guests

We also now offer a one day housekeeping course which covers the following:

• Learn the skills of detailing, general cleaning & maintenance of cabins, bathrooms & other areas on board.
• Understand cleaning standards and supplies.
• Understand laundry procedures such as washing and ironing guest/crew laundry.
• Understanding the care of different fabrics and tips on stain removal.

Course Dates: TBC

Location: Auckland

We offer this course as a one on one option, we are flexible with dates and timings to suit individual needs.

Contact us today to organise a bespoke training course on board your vessel.

Who should attend:
• Anybody who is new to the industry and wants to gain some valuable experience.
• Individuals who may have some hospitality experience, but not with silver service and want to learn more.
• Anybody who would like to up skill and add value to their CV.

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CV Service

It only takes seconds for a Captain to skim a CV. How can you make your CV stand out and catch a Captain’s eye?
Captains receive hundreds of CV’s from prospective candidates vying for that one interview. Now more than ever it is vital to have a standout CV to put you a step ahead of the rest.

TopCrew DownUnder offers a full CV service to help make your CV the one that is noticed.

This service includes:

* Detailed information application (to identify relevant experience)
* Face to face interview
* Comprehensive CV breakdown
* Expansion of relevant experience to match the industry
* Specific Super Yacht CV template
* Follow up consultation

If you would like to use this full CV service, please contact Stephanie at or 0212 448 278.

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