Captains and Owners

We at TopCrew DownUnder pride ourselves on building relationships with you and your crew. This involves listening to your specific requirements and understanding the culture of your boat to place the best suited candidates.

To avoid the time consuming task of scanning through masses of CV's,
TopCrew DownUnder
only forwards the top candidates matching your requirements, therfore making the recruitment process simpler for you.

Utilising the Organisational Psychology backgrounds of two of our Directors,
TopCrew DownUnder has developed an in-depth registration process, where we form a close relationship and understanding of our candidates through building a comprehensive profile, enabling a more successful match between boat and crew member.

This includes:

A thorough application form.           Psychometric assessment.    
An in-depth interview. Multiple reference checks.

Psychometric assessment provides detailed and accurate information about each candidate’s personality characteristics and work ethic. This allows us to better match our candidates to your specific requirements.

opCrew DownUnder
has formed links with relevant training organisations, enabling a constant flow of quality qualified candidates ready to start work immediately.

not only provide experienced and qualified crew, but are available for support and advice on the recruitment process or any other matter concerning crew before, during and after a placement is made.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.


For yacht support in Fiji:


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